Downloads & Promotion

Switch Posters and Banners

FREE – 7 different square and vertical sizes for your use.

Monday Switch Bookmarks

10 different amazing bookmarks. Print and share. FREE

Switch PowerPoint Backgrounds

FREE images sized for a PowerPoint background.

10 Commandments for Work

Print and post at work. Share with others also.

The Switch Work Prayer

Print and post this in a visible place. Pray this each day!

Wide Screen Graphics

5 different background images for wide screen projectors or your computer. All FREE.

Folding Desktop Moan Meter

Just print, fold and display as a reminder. Share in your group or organization.

Switch Phone Wallpaper

FREE creative reminder images used for your Smartphone background.

Web Banners and Buttons

Numerous FREE graphics and buttons for use on your website. 

Small Group Host Guide

Tips and best practices for leading a Switch small group.