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 The Monday Switch Kit 

 (Experience Guide Book + Tools + Videos)
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  • • A biblically based switch to God’s way of working
  • • For individuals, small groups, work groups, church or business
  • • Primary tool used by each person in 6 week journey
  • • A creative and fun worker focused solution that really works.
  • • “This has radically changed how I experience work.”

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This interactive, video-driven kit includes: The Monday Switch experience guide book, six creative learning videos, The Switch Quiz, the Monday Moan Meter, Monday Morning Atheist book, the Monday Text Alerts, Weekly downloads and more. You’re never going to look at Mondays or work the same again!
(click links below to preview samples of each component)


The SwitchThe Monday Switch Guide Book
This is the creative experience guide that will lead you to encounter God’s purpose, peace, and power over just 6 Mondays. Powerful and engaging! (click to view a sample of the guide book)
The Monday Switch Videos
Creative, fast moving learning videos that enhance each step of The Monday Challenge. Available via online streaming or on the DVD in back of the guide book.  (click for video samples)
The Monday Switch Quiz
The Switch Quiz identifies which of the commonly identified work issues are most affecting you, causing you to Switch God OFF at work. You’ll receive a personal e-mail report.
Monday Morning Atheist...the book
The provocative book that started it all. A quick read that provides compelling Biblical evidence showing how we all switch God off at certain times. (click for a small peek of the book)
Monday Moan Meter tracker
A creative concept used in each step of The Monday Switch guide book for you to track your attitudes on each Monday. Watch it go down each week as you grow with God at work.
(click for a short video on Monday Moan)
Monday Challenge Tools
While taking the Monday Challenge you can download creative tools and reminders for your growth. (Work 10 Commandments, Switch Text Alerts, desktop and mobile phone backgrounds, posters, bookmarks, etc.) (click to see a sample overview)


Your Journey begins! Interactive and personal—The Monday Switch Kit will simply and practically transform your Mondays in only six weeks. This interactive learning tool leads you through an exhilarating encounter of God’s purpose, peace, and power in your work. Whether you hate your job or love it, God has more for you than you can imagine. His desire is for you to thrive at work, Digital Switch Experiencenot merely survive. Get ready, you will not work the same after this!

How Can The Monday Switch Kit Be Used?
Each person needs a Kit for personal use. The Monday Challenge can be engaged individually, with small groups, work teams, church implementation or larger ministry campaigns. It's your choice. Grab a bunch of kits and get started.

Here Are the Steps You Will Take

When you start this experience you will use The Monday Switch Kit to journey through 6 unique steps over six weeks.

six steps

The Monday Moan
Beginning to change how you experience Monday!
Short Circuit
Discovering the #1 work fallacy that almost everyone believes!
The Switch
Exposing the dynamics of what the Monday Switch is!
Getting a clear view of yourself that transforms how you work forever!
Wired for Work
Finding out why God thinks work is GOOD VERY GOOD!
Owning and enjoying God’s power for your Monday work!


“I have been through a lot of studies but this experience has caused me to change from the inside out" John

  • • Shows you how to work WITH God instead of FOR Him or WITHOUT Him.
  • • Provides motivational reminders to keep God switched on at work.
  • • Reveals how God's view of work has been distorted.
  • • Provides easy to follow steps to stay Powered ON every Monday.

How Long Does This Take to Do?
It requires Only 6 Mondays to SWITCH ON your entire work life. Over the course of 6 sessions done on a weekly basis, you will encounter God at work in a whole new way.


Work Groups, Team or Self Study
Church Small Groups
Business Forum Groups or Bible Studies
University/College Ministries
Men's and Women's Groups
Sunday School and Outreach solution
Campaign: Grow Your Church on Monday
Move business culture from TGIF to TGIM

Ideas for Churches     Ideas for Groups     Ideas for Business



"I have never had joy and courage like I do now. I am praying for my co-workers and even had a conversation about Christ with my boss who is our company CEO. I am so happy and full of joy. Before this kind of help, this area of my life was mostly untouched by God's presence." Kris

"I now look forward to Mondays when I never did before!" Ryan

"A group of workers in our company has begun a weekly prayer time in response to the Switch. We have been challenged to inject God into our work life and are praying for direction on specific ways to do that at our company." Rob

"Every day I pray the Monday Switch prayer and it has made a tremendous change in me."

“Switching God off on Monday is one of the deepest concerns a pastor has about his congregation – good people who attend church, but when they go to the office or school or the neighborhood, God is completely left out. That's when a professing Christian starts doing what he or she thinks is best vs. what God says is best. The result is a Monday Morning Atheist. The Switch is both convicting and helpful for Christians who seek to be completely devoted followers of Jesus Christ." Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church