Q: What is the Monday Challenge?

A: It is a biblically inspired call to action for Christians of every vocation to Switch God ON – to live and work in ways that amplify the presence of our God on Monday. This challenge can be embraced by you personally, or be sponsored by an organization, church, or business.

Q: How do I take the Monday Challenge?

A: Your first step is to get your own personal Monday Switch Kit. It leads you through the process of Switching God ON for 6 Mondays. You might take the Monday challenge as a part of a small group at church or with a friend or coworker. While you can fly solo but it will be more fun to team up.

Q: How much time will the Monday Challenge take?

A: Plan on committing about an hour a week for reading and processing. The practical techniques and tools that give you on-the-job experience weave naturally into your life and work flow.

Q: Is Monday the only day I can take the Monday Challenge?

A: Because most people begin their work week on Monday – most of your exercises in the challenge will focus on this first day of the work week. They will fit naturally into your workday. But, meeting with your group or a friend to review, study and process this experience can happen on any day of the week. Just pick a day to get started!

Q: How can my church utilize the Monday Challenge?

A: There are many ways to lead your people in taking The Monday Challenge. Some include: small groups – church wide campaigns – missions conferences – teaching series – outreach groups at work. See this great Idea List for Churches here.

Q: What about the Monday Challenge and my small group?

A: The Monday Challenge is perfect for small groups. You might call this your “Switch Meeting” or “Switch Huddle”. You can meet each week or two if that works better for you. Remember, each small group member will need their own personal Monday Switch Kit to complete the challenge. We include small group tips, videos, reflection questions, to-do’s, and much more. There is also a FREE Small Group Leader’s Guide for your use on the Downloads & Promotion page.

Q: What is The Monday Switch Kit?

A: This Kit is a personal guide and resource for each person. It’s used by each person as they take “The Monday Challenge”. This resource kit is fun, video driven, interactive, and biblically based. Click here to experience some of the features in the kit.

Q: Can a business effectively use the Monday Challenge?

A: Yes! In fact recent research tells us that profit and productivity is down in businesses across the world because of workers’ attitudes, ethics and more. The Monday Challenge helps by addressing critical work issues in a fun and memorable way, helping the company celebrate Monday versus the typical TGIF attitude. Find out more here.

Q: Does taking The Monday Challenge help workers long term?

A: Yes! The Monday Switch Kit is very experiential with on-the-job tools that help you actually “practice” on Mondays. This increases the stickiness for workers long term. Positive long term reinforcement can also be strengthened with additional top of mind tools after the 6 Session Monday Challenge. One highly effective tool is the WorkLife SwitchTOOL Subscription.


Q: What promotional tools are available for the Monday Challenge?

A: We have a variety of promotional tools including video clips, posters, bulletin inserts, tee shirts, mugs and more. Most are FREE. Click here to view.

Q: What are the mission and core beliefs of WorkLife?

A: The mission of WorkLife is to inspire people to Thrive at Work. People in every field of work can find hope, peace and purpose in life’s great mission field of work. Click to read more…

Q: What is the biblical foundation of WorkLife’s curriculum and tools?

A: Our Life in Work Principles cover the full spectrum of a person’s work life, from beliefs to skill to relationships – a work life that is fully aligned with God. These six principles represent the core biblical areas upon which our curriculum, solutions, and tools are built. Click to read more…

Q: What are workers saying about the Monday Challenge?

A: “I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this is making in my relationship with Christ. My faith is becoming real to me 24/7” Click here to view more…

Q: Can I see some of the organizations WorkLife has impacted over the years?

A: WorkLife has been privileged to work with many organizations nationally and internationally over many years. You can view some here.

Q: What’s the WorkLife Story?

A: WorkLife was birthed nearly 15 years ago. We research, pray, and listen to what people struggle with at work and then plan, design, and deliver vision and tools such as The Monday Switch Kit to help the body of Christ thrive at work. Read our Story here.