About The Monday Switch


“This has radically changed how I experience work.”… Jonathan

The Monday Switch is a biblically inspired call to action for workers of every vocation to Switch God ON – to live and work in ways that amplify the presence of our God on Monday. This 6 week challenge can be embraced by you personally, or be sponsored by an organization such as a church, or business.

After a decade long research project targeting the Monday epidemic for workers, a communication and resource platform was developed called The Monday Switch. This is crazy fun, video driven, interactive, and biblically based — guided by the personal Monday Switch Kit that leads each person through a unique experience that will not soon be forgotten.

We have collected all your potential questions in one place to help you understand the Monday Switch experience and tools. There are questions such as “How do I take the Monday Challenge?”, “How much time will it take?”, “What about small groups?” and many more. Open the FAQ

Regardless of where and how you decide to start – Each person will utilize their own Monday Switch Kit to fulfill their Monday Challenge and experience God’s way to work.

The Monday Switch Kit is not just a study which talks about how work could be – it takes workers through the actual experience of Switching God ON over 6 consecutive Mondays. It is fun, video driven, interactive and biblically based. Just a few features in each Monday Switch Kit include tracking each person’s Moan time, The Switch Quiz, fun videos, online components, Monday text alerts, small group activities, journaling personal change and more. Everything is included to start working God’s way on Monday. Get Started Now.

Uses a Unique New Approach

The Monday Challenge does not utilize the familiar curriculum and book approach. Rather, this personal change approach is accomplished via the use of the interactive Monday Switch Kit. It’s a personal belief and behavioral shift experienced by workers on the job over six consecutive Mondays.

  • Focused on the important transitional day of Monday. A simple approach that gains traction.
  • Provides a disruptive platform and tools that break negative spiritual patterns on Monday.
  • Guides workers to shift from the TGIF working mentality to one of TGIM!
  • Based on tested Biblical Principles used for over 10 years with churches and workers
  • Tools: 6 week experience guide, wow videos, group tools, downloads, text alerts, switch quiz.
  • FREE creative video and communication tools available for your church, city, network or ministry.
  • Primary target: The sleeping giant of Switched OFF Christians in the marketplace.
  • Goal: Awaken 10 million Christian workers over the next 36 months. You can help!
  • Followers of Christ working God’s way – transforming families, churches, cities and nations.
  • Encountering God on Monday, not just Sunday.
  • Workers called and equipped for “on the job” change (beliefs, actions and behaviors).
  • Implemented through instruction and on the job application over 6 weeks.

For 15 years we have been researching and listening to what people’s greatest needs are at work, along with their struggles. We then plan, design, build and deliver amazing vision and tools to serve working Christians everywhere. God has blessed us with the unique ability, Biblical principles, and history to help churches serve their entire congregation in this area. Additionally, we help businesses increase productivity by addressing the problematic drain that comes with Mondays and work. The end goal is all focused on that one worker, that one person like you, to be able Switch God ON and experience the amazing joy and purpose that God intended through work. That is WorkLife! visit www.WorkLife.org

If you are interested in helping lead The Monday Challenge in your group or organization, we would love to serve you. Contact us at info@worklife.org.

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