Monday – our least favorite day of the week. The week-end is over and all the demands of work and life are back on top of us. How do we stop switching God OFF on Monday and experience the joy of working WITH God? Ten years of research and practice and here we are. We must Quit It – Try It – Live It. The Switch six step series is a intriguing process with fun tools, surprising exercises, cool videos and much more. Start your Monday make-over now! It only takes 6 Mondays!

1: QUIT Mondays
Quit Monday as we know it! Monday is responsible for more work hatred and stress than any other day of the week. Time to explore what’s behind this.

2: SIX Mondays
Give God 6 Mondays. Simply commit to giving focus to only 6 Mondays through our cool Six Step Video Series. Your Mondays are about to change.

3: THRIVE Mondays
You are Thriving at work now! Not merely surviving. You are experiencing God’s purpose and assignment on Mondays. It’s a joy to experience work and life this way!