Making Mondays the most inspired workday for every worker.

No Surprise here! For most of us, Monday is our least favorite day of the week. Research shows 50% of employees are late to work on Mondays, productivity is around 30% on Mondays, and most of us don’t even smile until 11:16 a.m. on this dreaded day. Worse yet, more heart attacks and suicides happen on Mondays than any other work day. Yet, millions of Christians look great on Sunday then switch God OFF by Monday morning – a distinct switch to a form of practical atheism. No God on Monday! This reality is undermining God’s purposes for our work and our lives. Monday’s are hurting workers, families, churches and business alike. It’s time for a Monday Switch—a switch to God’s way of working. Imagine yourself, your church, your business switching God ON at work in ways you have never imagined! More purpose, peace, and power. Join millions doing just that! Take the Monday Challenge!


Yes, it’s a miracle! By taking the Monday Challenge you can stop switching God OFF on Monday and experience the joy of working WITH God. Using a creative worker-focused solution, you can change this nagging, pesky problem. A fun, video driven, interactive, and biblically based tool called The Monday Switch Kit (six step series + tools +DVD) will have you saying “Thank God it’s Monday” in only 6 short amazing Mondays.


Challenges bring out the best in us when God is involved! So let’s get started. First, get your own personal Monday Switch Kit! Whether you love your job, hate your job or anything in-between, using The Monday Switch Kit, you’re going to experience Mondays and work in a whole new way. You will be navigating through three basic phases during your Monday Challenge:

1: QUIT Mondays

Quitting Mondays as you know them is where your Monday Challenge starts. Mondays are responsible for more work hatred and stress than any other day of the week. So, first, it’s time to ditch this day!

2: SIX Mondays

Next, simply take the Monday Challenge with God for ONLY 6 Mondays. Try it! Your Mondays are about to change! You will use your Monday Switch Kit to guide you through each week.

3: LOVE Mondays

Okay, now you’re finished with the initial Monday Challenge. You’ve discovered a clear vision of yourself, God and work. It’s time to love it and live it! We have ongoing tools that will make this stick.


Thank God It’s Monday! Really? Work productivity is around 30%, half are late to work, heart attacks and suicides are highest – all on Monday.And most don’t even crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. Things need to change. Using our creative worker-focused solution that’s fun, interactive, and biblically based, you can change this nagging pesky problem.  It’s time for a Monday Switch!

Say GOODBYE to Mondays as you know them!

Get your personal Monday Switch Kit
You will experience your work God’s way!
Included in your Monday Switch Kit:

  • The Monday Switch Guide Book
  • Videos streaming online
  • The Monday Switch Quiz
  • Church, Biz, Small Group tools
  • The Monday Moan Meter
  • Monday Tools: text alerts, downloads
Start Loving Mondays!


It’s your work and life. Change is coming. Take the Monday Challenge and find a new way to work – overcoming challenges and working WITH God. Grab your own Monday Switch Kit and get started. TGIM! (fly solo, or better yet, grab a coworker or small group)

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Yes, as a leader you can use the Monday Challenge to equip people for ministry at the point of their greatest potential impact: work! Lead your people to Switch God ON each Monday and watch your church grow on Monday not just Sunday. (small groups, campaigns, outreach)

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Mondays are hurting business. Research shows this is hurting the bottom line as well as the physical and spiritual health of your employees. Learn how you can improve Mondays and work for your company and your employees. (change culture, groups, company sponsorship)

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