STEP ONE: Monday Morning Moan
Congratulations! You're well on your way. Now, to complete step 1, here are your Monday Must-Do's for this week.

Text “MONDAY1” to 1-833-520-8687

SIGN UP for the “MONDAY SWITCH” text alerts!

(ONLY sent on the next 6 Mondays)

Grab your smartphone and text now and keep God switched ON!

This is a free service. We will never share your data with a third party. Texts will arrive only on Mondays and only for 6 weeks.

United States Only
Outside the USA, please sign up here for Monday Alerts via email.

Click here to watch the Step 1 Showtime video:


FOLD an Origami Moan Meter. Click here to download. For one week keep it in a visible place.

NEXT MONDAY, declare at least 7 times out loud “Thank God it’s Monday.” We’re changing attitude here. You’ve got to say it to believe it.

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Bonus Video: Moan Zapper