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“This has radically changed how I experience work.”… Jonathan

We want to help you recapture Mondays and work for the Kingdom of God. In fact we have invested 15 years of research and experience building practical tools and strategies for your church – making it unnecessary for you to try and reinvent the wheel.

Our mission is “to make Mondays the most inspired day of the week”. This is the Monday Challenge. Jump in and quickly experience the spiritual formation and outreach that happens when Sunday faith bridges to Monday work! It is time for a Monday Switch – a switch to God’s way of working. You can see an amazing impact by growing your church on Monday! WorkLife has created unique curriculum and tools to accomplish this.

You can lead the Monday Challenge in different ways in your church – such as in Small Groups you already operate or starting new small groups in the workplace. You might want to use our promotional tools and videos to get the Monday Challenge out to your entire congregation on Sunday morning or even segment it into your mission conferences – after all your congregation is on mission in their work – they count! You just don’t have to pay them like career missionaries. Go ahead and think outside the box! Yes, make it fit your church culture but be creative. The important thing is to get started somewhere! Believe us, people want help and support.

We have found that it is helpful to think in three simple phases as you begin to lead the Monday Challenge in your church. Here are the Flexible 3 Phase Option Ideas:


  • teach biblical work principles
  • show short work launch videos
  • create work celebration (commissioning or prayer service for workers)
  • introduce the 6 week process/study


  • start Monday Switch small groups – use creative kit for EACH person
  • start Monday Switch Kit work groups in workplace
  • launch a church wide campaign or weave into exiting ministries of church
  • stay with it – people work each week and need your help staying on mission


Regardless of where and how you decide to start – Each person will utilize their own Monday Switch Kit to fulfill their Monday Challenge and experience God’s way to work.

The Monday Switch Kit is not just a study which talks about how work could be – it takes workers through the actual experience of Switching God ON over 6 consecutive Mondays. It is fun, video driven, interactive and biblically based. Just a few features in each Monday Switch Kit include tracking each person’s Moan time, The Switch Quiz, fun videos, online components, Monday text alerts, small group activities, journaling personal change and more. Everything is included to start working God’s way on Monday.


Get a Monday Switch Kit into each Person’s Hands

  1. Sponsor your people by purchasing the Monday Switch Kits.
  2. You can pass the cost of the Monday Switch Kits to each individual, if appropriate.
  3. Pay for part of each Monday Switch Kit — with the individual paying for the rest.
  4. Have a business leader sponsor The Monday Challenge for the church.

Use the Monday Switch Tools in Existing Venues of your Church

  1. Small Groups
  2. Sunday Schools
  3. Men’s Ministry
  4. Women’s Ministry
  5. College & Career
  6. Couple’s Groups
  7. Teaming with a Friend or Co-Worker
  8. Work Groups on the job site

Bringing more Awareness and Exposure

  1. Utilize videos, graphics and other FREE promotional materials in church communications
  2. Preach / Teach on The Monday Switch and the Biblical implications. We have an entire WorkLife Church Guide that has teaching notes, theology, and practical ideas
  3. Show a video or allow a testimony each week to show God at work on Monday

Ideas For a Monday Switch Campaign Approach

  1. Promote: Teach and Promote the vision of The Monday Switch Challenge
  2. Order: Monday Switch Kits for each person
  3. Lead: Enlist and facilitate The Monday Switch Experience
  4. Grow: Sustain the Monday Switch momentum


  1. Present the Monday Challenge campaign vision to church staff and leaders. Videos, graphics and other promotional items are at Downloads & Promotion
  2. Develop a promotional strategy to announce the campaign to your church congregation and the surrounding community. Marketing and promotional resources can be found at Downloads & Promotion


  1. Recruit prayer team leaders and members to pray for your people and campaign.
  2. Start to implement your Promotional Strategy
  3. Train Small Group Leaders, Sunday School teachers, Large Group Leaders, Specialty Ministry Leaders, etc.
  4. Order your Monday Switch Kits (each person will need their own Monday Switch Kit to take the Monday Challenge).

Keep the Momentum Going

Whether integrating The Monday Switch Challenge slowly over time or with a church wide campaign – it will be important to continue the impact of The Monday Switch. People work each week and need communications and help to not lose the momentum.

Here are some great ideas:

  • One powerful strategy to grow and sustain your momentum is to subscribe your congregation to The SwitchTOOL.
  • Gather testimonies and showcase them in publications and in work faith stories at church services
  • Publically affirm or commission your people to be on mission at work
  • Make the Monday Challenge a key part of a Missions Conference – expanding your scope to go beyond career missions
  • Revisit Teaching and Preaching at least once each year (people go to work each Monday!)

Purchase The WorkLife Church Guide for more ideas

“A biblically inspired call to action for Christians of every vocation to Switch God
ON – to live and work in ways that amplify the presence of our God on Monday”

WorkLife Church Guide
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Yes, it is possible to equip your people for missions right at the point of their greatest potential impact: their work!  Learn more here…